Ghost Brigade: Farewell to Finland’s Doom Giants


We once again say farewell to a great band. Just a few months after we released our Ghosts of the Road episode with Finland’s Ghost Brigade, the band went on an indefinite hiatus (Dec. 2015) and we haven’t heard any news since.

I discovered them shortly before we filmed them, on a tip from Kai. But I am no stranger to melodic melancholy music of Finland. Being Finnish by way of heritage (The Salo’s can be traced back to my great-great granddad Johann Kuusisalo, who immigrated to the USA in the early 1800s and whose children had a colorful history mingling with Al Capone and other sordid American characters. But that’s a story and a documentary for another time, Freqs…) and really sharing an affinity to the depressing dark musical-moods of my distant cousins, I immediately fell for Ghost Brigade.

And we got to hang out at the guitar shop (Just Music, Munich) in this episode! Sweet.

R.I.P. Ghost Brigade