First Official Trailer for Madder Mortem documentary, Howl of the Underdogs


FREQS proudly presents our first feature length rock documentary, Howl of the Underdogs.


An intimate and uncompromising look into the 20 year struggle between rock visionaries Madder Mortem and a culture of conformity. Howl of the Underdogs is the first feature length documentary from online rock and metal video magazine, FREQS. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Randy M. Salo (The Dragons of Jim Green) and filmed across Norway and Germany, Howl of the Underdogs is a co-production of Stewis Media and Monacoframe in Munich, Germany.


Director’s Statement:

“Much like in my first feature film, The Dragons of Jim Green, which examined the effects of PTSD on my own grandfathers life and art, I am exploring a similar theme in this film of how a place can affect people and how Madder Mortem bring their own personal demons and external pressures into the rehearsal room and in a cathartic way create a bi-product of those struggles through their music. This ultimately has a healing effect on the individual band members as well as their fans. Over 20 interviews from journalists, fans, neighbors and the band help define the characters and environment, both external and internal, that our story takes place in.

As 2019 found Madder Mortem preparing for the 20th anniversary celebration concert of their first album — where all former band members joined them onstage — the Norwegian avant-garde pioneers for the first time opened the doors to their musical and personal lives so that a documentary team could explore what beats at the heart of one of Norway’s most culturally relevant, but underrated rock bands”.

“Madder Mortem are special. Do you deserve them?”



a production of FREQS / Stewis Media / Monacoframe

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